Technology and Translation Service in Dispute Resolution

Technology and Translation Service in Dispute Resolution

Collections of Data

In preparation for a lawsuit involving disputes among companies, lawyers need to gather a huge amount of information about the company involved before judgement on the courts. The process is highly time-consuming and labour-intensive.

However, with the help of technology, IT experts and data extraction software could help extract all necessary company information with the click of a mouse. Lawyers can easily sort out only the relevant information, taking the advantage of the software.

Sorting out Documents with Multi Languages

Collecting the data may have won half the battle. When sorting out documents, language barriers are bound to arise. While the relevance of these documents is still in doubt before being translated, human translation is not an effective solution. Machine translation should be adopted to acquire the lowest cost and highest efficiency in such initial stage.

Discovery Stage

More carefully selected information will be delivered by the clients depending on its adequacy.  Usually, 100 to 200 more documents will be given to the lawyer and there is a high chance that these documents will be extremely relevant in court.

Unlike the previous stage, these crucial information require more accurate translation, making machine translation alone insufficient. Machine translation post editor, requiring the help of a human translator, which can ensure the accuracy of the translation serves as a perfect solution.

Trial Stage (Using TEP)

After obtaining the relevant information in the early stage and coming to the commencement of trial, there are usually a few documents that need to undergo a full translation serving as evidence for the case. A certificate of translation should be awarded. Elite Asia provides authorisation and provide the courts with an expert witness interpreter. Even in the case where the expert witness interpreter does not speak the same language as those on the courts, a court reporter can be arranged.


A full translation for the required documents may take a long time. If the evidence is overlooked by the court as they are not presented within the deadline, this could be the worst reason to lose a case. Thus, an efficient and reliable translation service is of paramount importance to a dispute resolution.

With the advancement of technology and translation service, language barrier will certainly cause less impact in dispute resolution. It then helps dispute lawyers working with multinational companies add value to their clients.

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