Over The Phone Interpretation

Over The Phone Interpretation
Over The Phone Interpretation

Over the phone interpretation is useful for when people meet with tight deadlines and emergency situations but cannot find an on-site interpreter. It helps to ensure that these people can still receive interpreting services immediately without having to worry about language barriers.

It is a process of a 3-way conference call with the interpreter. This means that you can disconnect from a call and allow the other 2 parties to continue with that call. It is also ideal for high volume contact centres that need on-demand language services in any language.

Benefits of Over The Phone Interpretation

Over the phone interpretation is better than an on-site interpreter when it comes to time and efficiency. Here are some other benefits of over the phone interpretation:

1. Convenience

Have you ever experienced a time when you needed customer assistance but realised that you could not speak in their language? With over the phone interpretation, customers can pick up the phone and get customer support regardless of their native language.

2. Affordability

Help can be received from a third party, thus this saves business time, money and hassle. Payment is also by the minute, thus you only pay for the time you use the service.

This is better compared to having an on-site interpreter which requires extra cost and cause more burdens towards event organisers who will have to worry about the cost and business time.

How Does Over The Phone Interpretation Work?

It depends on the user’s preference. Simply passing the phone receiver back and forth between the English speaker and the non-English speaker would work fine for most.

Clients can place the call on speaker mode so that they do not need to pass the phone receiver back and forth.

Others may prefer to use headsets for the English speaker and non-English speaker.

Regardless of which method you use, it does not impact the quality of the service.

When Can we use Over The Phone Interpretation?

When one is attending to a client and realises that there is a language barrier between them, all one needs to do is to call his language provider and an interpreter will help to assist immediately.

Over the phone interpretation is great for people who need customer service but do not understand the language that the service support centre provides. It is also quick and efficient, thus it is more convenient for people to use it.

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