Prepare your next event with FUZON Platform


The current Covid-19 crisis has put a lot of industries into a difficult position as they are forced to cancel events worldwide in an effort to flatten the curve of the pandemic. 

At this crucial timing, MICE Industries must ensure their business continuity is stable by shifting their physical events to virtual events. In this way, their customers will feel confident enough to maintain their business relationship with them without having fear that their events might be cancelled without any refund. With FUZON, it’s the perfect solution to ensure that events can still proceed. Just login onto our platform, you are ready to bring your Company to the next step in Virtual Event. 

Introducing FUZON – Multilingual Virtual Event Web Platform 

As the language partner to the conference industry, we have the solution in such critical time that require people to act fast. FUZON, Multilingual Virtual Event Technology allows you to host conferences remotely to your clients in their own native languages while keeping everyone safe at this critical timing. 

While there are quite a few free video communication tools in the market, those tools are prone to instability with server disruption and freezing screen from time to time, compromising on the virtual event experience with your audiences. It will be great for you to hold the event with our FUZON, Multilingual Virtual Event Web Platform with our global network of professional Remote Simultaneous interpreters to offer a seamless communication experience for them. 

Why you should organise your next event with FUZON?

Customised for Seamless Multilingual Environment

  • Multilingual Virtual Event Cutting-edge technology such as real-time remote simultaneous interpretation with instantaneous translation chatbox are synchronised with Presenter’s display of slides in the Audience’s preferred native language which will break down all language barriers. 

Full Control with Strong Technical Support and Customised Features

  • Presenter can choose if he/she would like to open the floor for question or response to a chat question from the audience. He/she is able to mute off the Audiences’ sound so as to minimise interference from the ground. Thus it will prevent any interference to disrupt the quality of the presentation. 

Easy to Set Up with High Accessibility 

  • Easy set up with a laptop/pc and mic which you can have up to 250 participants for your virtual event and they are able to log in anywhere in the world with your unique registration link via browser and mobile apps. 


  • Reduce cost by hosting your event virtually without incurring any travel and logistic arrangement fees as your participants can attend at any time and anywhere. At Elite Asia, We have a strong team of conference interpreters in all Asian languages ready for your deployment. 
Steps for a successful Multilingual Virtual Event
  • Pre-event Registration
  • Translate the Presentation Slides 
  • Simple Training to Interpreters and Presenters
  • Testing 30 minutes before the event
  • Starts

Additional language services to complete the multilingual virtual conference experience

  • Transcription
  • Recording
  • Event Summary 
  • Article write-ups