Crisis In Translation: Results Of A Poor Translation

Translation Crisis: Results Of a Poor Translation
Translation Crisis: Results Of a Poor Translation

Words are very powerful. Great leaders from history and present have utilised the power of words, whether it be in their private discussions or on public speeches. Having a way with words allow someone to express his feelings and convictions. Can you imagine what are the results of translation crisis?

Since Word is a powerful tool, it is likewise dangerous. When used in either legal or professional manner, we need to be careful with the words we speak or write. A single mistake may cause a fortune when words are poorly used.

Let us take for example language translation. This is applicable whether translating casual conversation, converting important manuscript and legal documents or even selling products or services. It is very critical that words and their meaning are interpreted correctly. So, what happens when something is mistranslated? What are the possible results of a poor translation? We will try to list down its negative effects based on difference scenarios.

Results of a Poor Translation:

  1. If a company sells products or services overseas, poor translation is equivalent to misinterpretation on the consumer side. This will have huge impact on the marketability of the product or service you are selling since prospected clients do not understand the message you are trying to convey. This, in turn will have downside effect on the sales of your organization.
  2. On regular conversation scenario, if there are 2 people trying to communicate with each other but both are not fluent in a common language, and they engage a mediator who poorly translates one language to another, the result could be disastrous. Instead of bridging the gap due to the language barrier, it can become even more difficult for the people to understand each other. It may even result to greater conflict.
  3. When it comes to translating documents like medical records or legal manuscript. It is very important that the conversion of words are accurate. A single mistake may inflict great damage emotionally and psychologically not only to the persons involved but to their families and loved ones as well.

When it comes to translation, quality should always be the top priority. Never jeopardise the value of translation with low-priced service because it may result to ineffective branding for companies, psychological trauma for private individuals or other grave and irreversible effects.