Tips & Tricks To Copywriting A Great English Copy

Tips & Tricks To Copywriting A Great English Copy
Tips & Tricks To Copywriting A Great English Copy

Step Right Up! The Biggest Show in Copywriting Is Finally Here!

Imagine copywriting as creating, designing and eventually putting up a show in the biggest theatre in Las Vegas from scratch.

First off, you need to think about the people coming to your show – your audience. Write with your target audience in mind, think about who is reading the copy, who are the consumers of the product and service you are writing about? Then try to meet the consumer’s needs and speak to them, on their terms, in their lingo.

Next, think about what you are going to do in your show, what is the content or subject matter of your copy going to be like? R&D is very important here, you need to research your subject matter, product or service and then develop a compact, impactful copy that will not only capture but also retain your reader’s attention.

Now, that you’ve got the basics of the show, how are you going to tell people about it, how will you “advertise” your copy. You do so with a headline that sells the story even before people look through the entire copy. Headlines are the glaring neon signs and glitzy advertising billboards for your show or main copy. Write headlines that pull audiences in, giving them an idea and flavour of what they are about to read yet not giving away too much so as to intrigue them to want to read on.

Last of all, get to rehearsal, where you get to review, fine-tune and tweak your copy to perfection. Remember to think about the tone of the copy, vet through for grammar, and be mindful of use of phrases, clauses in relation to the subject matter and content. Proofread your copy, because the last thing you want is a bad opening show that will turn audiences away for good.