How To Select Good Copywriters

How To Select Good Copywriters
How To Select Good Copywriters

Most people when they think of a writer, think of someone spending all day bashing away at their typewriter by the window. What they often forget is that copywriting is everywhere, from that ad with the punchy catchphrase, the instructions for their newest gadget or the latest post on their favourite blog, all require the skills and expertise of copywriters.

Writing is a lot like cooking, you can have all the right ingredients but you need a chef with a knowledge of flavours and textures to transform those ingredients into a wonderful dish; similarly a good copywriter can take your information and craft it into a delicious selection of words your audience will savour, digest and remember.

While there are chefs that specialise in pastry, desserts, European or Asian cuisines, for example, copywriters also have their specialities, such as B2B sales copy, advertising, SEO and online copy, brochures or advertorial, to name but a few.

All these different purposes often lead to copywriters developing a niche. So, when trying to find a copywriter you need to have a good idea of what you’re trying to say, who you’re saying it to and what impact you want to have on them. A good copywriter will be able to advise you on those aspects while also asking a few questions to ensure they can deliver exactly what you’re looking for. Also consider whether you need an expert in the field, whose knowledge and experience will come at a premium or a more general copywriter who could possibly bring a fresh perspective at a lower price but will need more time to research unfamiliar subjects.